Let’s Eat a Burger

My absence from this web log doesn’t mean I even have stopped consuming hamburgers. On the contrary – there are a lot of nice burger spots in California, I’m simply busy making an attempt to eat at all of them. There are many burger spots I want to blog about, however one deserves immediate attention.


The French beefburger from Squable could be a serious rival within the California burger scene. To line up the scene, their rendition could be a stout beefsteak, raclette (pale Alpine cheese from Switzerland), butter, and pickles, on a house-baked bun, and served with fries. This description doesn’t provide the burger justice, however the picture below will. The white cheese envelops a thick juicy patty that was nicely seared at the requested temperature of medium. whereas I’m not typically a fan of pickles on my burger, I can’t imagine the French beefburger without the tartness of the cornichon pickles, that side to the distinction of flavors. At $17, and served with merely ready fries that were firm on the skin with a young middle, this burger was quite savory mouthful. I had to push the plate away for concern of over-indulging on the fries. attempt it for yourself, and you’ll agree that this burger is certainly one thing to squabble over.

Cheers to consumption a lot of burgers at Squable!

Every currently so, a second location and conception amendment creates a completely new feeding adventures. Such is that the case at Beaver’s. Their Westheimer location within the Galleria space is an oasis of food, drink, diversion and a damn good burger.

Seated within the rustic feeding space, the friendly employees brought out their palatable menu. The Beaver Burger had my name on that. A succulent juicy thick forty four Farms beefsteak lidded with white cheese, lettuce, tomato, house pickles (my new favorite condiment) and onion lidded with a cooked bread staff of life. Served with house-made potato chips, this burger was detonating with flavor. The sharpness of the cheese contrasted nicely with the char-encrusted patty and therefore the sweet pickles – Associate in Nursing explosion of flavors with every bite.

Beaver’s doesn’t attempt to be one thing it isn’t. they provide savory food in a very casual setting. The outside seating and bar space is adorned with field games, the proper setting for an outside burger journey. So, subsequent time you’re driving down Westheimer, and hunger strikes, stop by Beaver’s for a burger that doesn’t bilk.

Cheers to consumption a lot of burgers at Beavers in 2019!

Painting my room

So I decided to paint my room. I’ve dabbled with paint for school projects but whenever my dad had rooms in our house painted, he always hired a painter. I wanted to see if I could handle it myself. It’s got to be easy, right? I’m far from the most handy girl in the world, but the room is only about 100 square feet. How hard could it be? Well let me tell you….. it was hard. I made a mess, spent more time cleaning up stuff than I actually did painting (just kidding-but close) and realized that it takes a lot more skill than originally thought. I figured it would just be hard work, but what I learned is that the actual technique of holding and manipulating a brush and painting WHERE YOU WANT and NOT WHERE YOU DON’T, is difficult. The white ceiling of my room in my small rented apartment now has some aquamarine spots where I slipped up, as did the window frame, the hardwood floor, and the door jamb. Luckily, I was able to clean the paint off the window frame and the hardwood floor, and the spots on the door jamb aren’t really too noticeable. My main gripe is that it had to be done twice in order to fully cover. Had I known that at the start, I probably wouldn’t have tried to go it alone.